Well, I guess right now everybody knows Android. But it doesn’t mean that everybody knows WHAT ANDROID IS. Am I correct? Yeah, because that’s what I used to be before I found out what that is and what’s so fun about that :p

So, here I want to give you some useful information of what Android is. Don’t ask me how to do stuff by using Android because I’m no expert at all, thus I don’t have one 😀

Android Logo

Okay, so Android is something that you call Operating System. It is just the same with Windows, Symbian or BlackBerry or even Mac on Apple’s product. But what makes this even more attractive is the fact that Android is an open source OS. Mobile phone’s developer could transform Android into what they like, other developer could make a change in Android to make application, even YOU COULD PIMP YOUR ANDROID.

That’s one thing.

What else?

Because this Android could give you more benefit and be changed by anyone in the world, so there would be no point in your life that you will get bored by your phone. This happens because every minute even every second of this life, someone somewhere makes an application or updated application. People will be updated every time, and this could entitle you as the most-updated person ever! wooohoo! (okay, that one sounds hiperbolic :D)

and that’s two.

is there more? of course there’s more!

Unlike iPhone which comes up with their newest version every one year, with Android you could even get the newest version in just several days. What Google does here is to ensure everybody could explore their ability and imagination to create something on their own. Google knows that people craves for making something by themselves, so that each person could have their own personal style and application.

Actually there’s more of it, but I guess I’ll have to understand more about it before I’m writing here. So guys, have you already checked out that Samsung Galaxy Spica? I want one. Anyone wants to give it to me? LOL


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Hello world!


this is Ardissa Utami, Dissy for short, for now am currently enrolled at Bogor Agricultural University as Agroindustrial Technology student.

enjoy! :)


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